Once we decided that we were going to install solar at our home we began the search for the contractor that would work the best with us and provide the best solution. We contacted two other contractors besides Solar Hut, one from Sacramento and the other from the foothills. The Sacramento company got ruled out quickly when they were trying to get us to buy 2 year old products at basically the same cost as what we could get for latest generation. So that left it to the two foothill companies.

Luke at Solar Hut became our choice because of their flexibility to look at a solar panel that I heard was good (Suniva) and their willingness/preference to install Enphase individual inverters. I believe Solar Hut will even continue to offer the Suniva Solar panels that I installed to future clients. The other company was not as flexible. They would not install Enphase and downplayed Suniva, which is why they were eliminated.

An added complexity to my installation was I wanted it installed on my metal shop building, which faces south. Luke encouraged me to check on the permit for the shop which I found was not permitted to have electricity inside or attached to it. This came as a surprise because when I bought the place, it already had electricity inside and PG&E had run the Main feed for the house to this building (which is against building code). Luke took some of the stress of this off my plate by finding an engineer and managing the whole process of getting the building permitted correctly.

Ben was the installer on the project and he was professional, very informative and did a rock star job on the installation. My wife is happy because you can’t even see that we have solar panels, however the techie side of me wishes I could see it. At least the Enphase inverters come with a monitoring system that allows me to see how my solar array is performing, and yes there is an app for that as well.

I would recommend Solar Hut to any of my friends without hesitation.

James & Debbie