I had been toying with the idea of installing solar going on 5 years. The main reasons keeping me from moving forward with the idea were my perceived hassle in the process as well as determining if it was actually a cost effective decision.

Now that I’m several months with solar, the only question I’m asking myself is, “why didn’t I do this sooner?” From an economic standpoint it seems to have made great sense. I’ve added an electric car to the mix and have done very little to change my energy habits, yet the electric portion of my bill has consistently been a very small fraction of what it had been historically.

What I appreciated most working with Luke and Meghan as well as the rest of their team at Solar Hut was their ability to make the process seamless to me. From getting approval from my association, to helping me understand the transition with my electric company to the installation itself, I had not one issue or concern.

I’m ecstatic about the almost nonexistent electric bill. Having such a great experience with such a complicated process is very rare in my experiences, but that’s exactly what it was with Solar Hut. If I had to repeat the process, I wouldn’t hesitate to go with Solar Hut.

Dean Barbera, Chief Operating Officer, Softcom Internet Communications, Inc.